Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sketch-less week, but Inspired!

No sketches for me this week. I might try to play catch up next week or just jump back in w/the most recent ones.

I've been checking out some places for inspiration. Looking for inspiration is everywhere. But recently there was a chat on 2peas hosted by Rhonna Farrer - love her. The chat was a part of 2peas' CHA festivities. Very cool. So Rhonna was asking participants where they get inspiration. It turned into a huge four page chat w/lots of links to inspiration.

Of course I listed Keisha Campbell and here A Bit East blog.

But here are some of the others that I really enjoyed:
  • Sasha Farina blog - lots of color and totally thinking outside of the box
  • Donna Downey's Fabric Albums - I've always like fabric, this just takes it to the next level
  • Rhonna has a photo book that is way cool, very eclectic and fresh
  • Melibean always posts her lovely work for me (and others) to oggle over
If it's photos that you dig or aspire to be better at, get geeked about these:
  • Bobbi+Mike - a wife and husband photography duo composing images in awe-inspring ways
  • Tara Whitney's resume of images is deep; you will look and love!
But for my everyday, all the time inspiration, I usually check out my fav forums and galleries:
Oh and for techie plus creativity and freebies and just all around good stuff:
That should keep you busy ... here's to never-ending inspiration (and sharing it)!

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Blogger A Day to Share with Tammy said...

I was floating around the Donna Downey site tonight and ran across your comment which led me to your site. One of those nights I am looking for inspiration.

I love your blog.

August 01, 2008 12:06 AM  

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