Sunday, March 30, 2008

The new Basic Grey is awesome!

So I put in a 'pre-order' for some of the new Basic Grey (BG) line. Yeah, pre-order my *&^%. I'm thinking 'pre-order' - I will have it in my crafty little hands before the mainstream crafters getta hold of it ... silly me. I went to Archiver's and picked some up and then finally, a week later my BG finally arrives at my house. Whatever; lesson learned, right? Because that shipping is a monster. I could buy another 6x6 paper pack w/the cost of that shipping ... okay, enough of the minor rant.

I have my goodies and I absolutely love some of the lines. I think Boxer is my all time fav! That's a heavy statement, right? ... but I'm going to stick with it. You might agree since that's what I used in these cards. I like the feel of the line; the muted colors the floral-like patterns; just yummy all around. Speaking of yummy, that Heidi Swapp stamps is soooo sweet!

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Blogger Krista B. said...

Your cards are gorgeous : ) I just put in an order for the 6x6 pad of boxer paper! I can't wait to get it.

March 31, 2008 8:30 PM  
Blogger Pearl said...

Wow you rawked these BG Boxer papers with these cards ! love the heart accents !

March 31, 2008 9:09 PM  
Blogger Katie Skiff said...

WOW! I love how you used the HS corner stamp like that. That's awesome!!

April 01, 2008 11:52 PM  

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