Monday, March 05, 2007

My craft studio

I've been playing w/some of my new stuff lately. I have lots of stuff to play w/these days.

Also, I am now beginning to envision my new studio! I saw this desk (pictured here) that is incredible. I like it for its design and flexibility! Sometimes I like to stand, but sometimes I like to sit; just depends on what I am working on.

I also want lots of file space/drawers to hold all the paper and cardstock that I use so much. I have not quite decided how I want to store my ribbon. I'm thinking of a combination of spools hanging on a rod and using jars as well.

What to do w/all the tools and embellishments will be quite interesting. Of course, I could use cabinets and I like that idea best so far. I even thought of storing items in smaller storage bins in the cabinets so that if I need to pull the bin down to view the contents it will be easy enough to do that.

The really big thing that I am going to have that I do not currently have is a sewing machine! I absolutely love when I see sewing on cards and scrapbook pages. I've tried to duplicate the techinique w/stamps or a gel pen, but it's just not the same; so a sewing machine is a must have.

Enjoy this lil card that I made!

Patterned paper: American Crafts
Letter rubons, fabric Birthday sticker and flower charm: Making Memories
Ribbon: unknown

**photo borrowed from Anthro Corp. Technology Furniture

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