Saturday, November 25, 2006

Where were the holiday deals and steals?

As a crafter, I expect to have holiday deals dangled in front of my crafty face from a sales flyer. The flyer is gleaming with offers of 'buy one, get one FREE' or 40% off or FREE just for Radiogirl ... ;-)

The top craft stores did not even entice me this year and I am sad-faced about it. The coupons were paltry (most of which I did not even use and they are still taking up valuable space in my purse/carry on bag).

I even went to one store where they said - paraphrase ... we don't have much on sale today. We had some paper on sale for a few hours this morning ... Are you kidding me? Why? Why would I set my alarm for say, 4 a.m. to drive 20 minutes on the highway to go to a craft store to purchase some paper...? Is there breakfast with that discounted paper? Doesn't matter...that sell just gave me another reason to sleep in.

I'm not too sad though because it is more money in my pocket and more time to actually make crafts with the many items that I already own. I mean, it is the holiday season and holiday cards still need to be made ... right?

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