Sunday, October 01, 2006

Giving myself credit

So, I hosted my first card making class on yesterday. I had seven attendees. I had a total of ten kits available and the other three sold as well. Good stuff.

It mostly went well. A couple of people say they had missing letters that I had already cut out, but every time, I either located them in the envelope or the letters had fallen on the floor. I compiled the kits with such meticulousness it is crazy. Overall, not bad. Oh and one more thing, I was supposed to make a bookmark, but failed to have one - big oops. Thing is, the night before when I was done with the kits, I almost decided to make some tags ...

So here is what is next ... another class "It's All About Gratitude." That is a little more than a week away. But I had wanted to beg off because I have been swamped and my schedule is tight. I could not figure out when I would have time to make the cards for the class, let alone the kits. It was not until I arrived @ the store yesterday and it was listed on the calendar, that I knew that I had to get together. So I made great haste today and pulled together four cards (no bookmark).

I like this one a lot ... enjoy, radiogirl

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