Saturday, September 23, 2006

too many opps ...

not enough time. I enjoy making cards as a stress reliever. But lately, I have not had a chance to make any cards. I have lots and lots of craft supplies, so I don't need anything, not even any adhesive (well, maybe a little adhesive). ;-)

So, I'm trying to figure out how to rearrange my schedule so that I have at least TWO days to do my thing @ the craft table.

I am about to turn down an offer to make 160 card kits because, ______ (fill in the blank), I do not have the time to make the kits (all together - awwwww).

Wish me luck ... remember, it's radiogirl


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Where's my craft time?

Just swamped and the schedule is starting to fill up.

I have at least four cardmaking classes this year. Should be fun, but when will I find the time to create the cards let alone the kits?

I know that I will have much more available time beginning in late December.

Meanwhile, here is another card that is a part of my upcoming card class @ Expression Connection.

Enjoy ...

--Radiogirl does radio AND crafts!

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