Friday, September 28, 2007

Paying It Forward

This post is just remotely related to card making. I recently relocated. It was an interesting move - one that I am not really willing to talk about ... but my glass table top did get busted. Well, they aren't cheap. But a national store in my neighborhood had them on sale - 50% off - only their delivery fee was $90.

I ordered the glass top and asked a friend to make herself available to help me out; my friend is M.I.A. and I needed to get the item quick or the store would have to put it on the selling floor.

I called them to arrange an extension and out of the goodness of their hearts (or feeling sorry for me), they offered to bring it to my house (please keep in mind that the shopping district is about a block away, which is why I did not get the delivery).

So, long story short - I gave the woman who delivered the tabletop some of my handmade cards to say 'thanks' - there was a guy involved too, but I gave him a giftcard to an area grocery store.

I had sat down about a week ago to do some crafting. I only took out a few things - stamping tools and I made exactly eight cards and they have been just sitting on the counter. So I bundled them up and dropped them off. Now, I'll have to pay it forward ... love that!

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